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The Hearing Solution Group Partners

The Hearing Solution Group constantly strives to improve its services and product portfolio to make the latest technology available to its customers.

The group of partners is continually updated and expanded to including the world leading companies in their respective fields.

  • Bernafon
  • Innovative Hearing Solutions from Switzerland. Bernafon´s misson is to help people to hear and communicate better. Sophistication in engineering and the endless effort to improve knowledge has lifted Bernafon up into a leading position in Hearing Aid manufacturing.
  • Advanced Bionics
  • Advanced Bionics Corporation is a global leader in the development of implantable, high-technology neurostimulation devices. Our bionic technologies include new treatments for deafness and chronic pain.
    Its new Hearing Instrument resolution 120 Harmony Cochlea Implant system provides never before experienced sound quality and listening range, even when listening to Music.
  • Neuromonics
  • Neuromonics is a specialist healthcare company dedicated to providing treatment for the medical condition of tinnitus.
  • Auric
  • Auric is the developer and manufacturer of the world's only Transcutaneus Air Condition Hearing Device; RetroX.
    RetroX is a partially implantable device which is the prime choice for all individuals with a high frequency hearing loss.
  • comply
  • Is the maker of Compy range of products for applications in Hearing Instrument fitting and Noise Reducing Headsets for hands Free set for Mobile phones, MP3 players, for usage on Airplanes, etc.
  • Dreve
  • The world's leading manufacturer of Otoplastic and Dental Materials
  • Interacoustics
  • Interacoustics has for more than 35 years provided discerned professionals in the field of audiology with reliable and advanced audiometric instrumentation. Many of the audiologic instruments produced by us during our first years are still in daily use around the world.
  • otologics
  • Otologics, LLC is a medical device company dedicated to developing advanced amplification products designed to enhance communication and improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss.
    They are the creator of the Carina™ Fully Implantable Hearing Device, the hearing solution that resides completely beneath the skin with nothing in the ear canal, the hearing device is literally unseen.
    Showering, swimming, and sports that are incompatible with traditional hearing devices are now possible.
  • BHM-Tech *
  • The BHM-Tech is an independent company founded by employees of the former Viennatone® Hearing Technology.
    With a profound knowledge and experience in developing and producing of any kinds of hearing instruments, BHM-Tech offers their products and services for the worldwide market of medical devices.
  • Siemens. Technological innovation at its best. More than a hundred years of experience in hearing instruments. And the new range -- like Vibe, Pure or Explorer -- is better than ever.
    Better technology, better design, better useability. Find out more about the latest in hearing aid technology. Right here.

* denotes Only Available in Certain Countries

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